Your Spring Style

Now that you're up to speed on all things spring 2015 fashion, it's time to nail down your look. Answer these 12 questions to reveal your three essential buys.

By Nicola Fumo

What’s your (current) hair color?

How do you feel, in general, about this ‘70s revival?


Dubious, but my interest is piqued


Okay, but which ‘70s album are you a sucker for?

What does your ideal Sunday look like?

Bed, coffee, laptop

Brunch, day drinking, Netflix binge

Green juice, hike, journaling

Which app opens as soon as your eyes do?

Which festival are you hitting this summer?



Governors Ball

Which sunglasses are your go-to?

What’s for lunch?

A sandwich with a non-cucumber pickled element.

I was Pin-spired to make a mason jar salad! It's okay...

A green juice or, screw it, Chipotle.

If you were to nail art, which would you pick?

What’s on your coffee table right now?

Art books, interior design magazines, a charming paper weight.

Succulents, Roku remote, a half-completed crossword puzzle.

...what coffee table?

What’s your spirit fruit?

Never going on my body:

Skintight dress

Skin ink (tattoo)

Tattoo choker

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