Jennie Kwon

Lauren Tamaki

Jennie Kwon

Brand: Jennie Kwon Designs

Age: 38

Where: Los Angeles

Category: Jewelry

Jennie Kwon never planned to become a designer. “I come from a background in music, and see law as sort of a detour I took along the way,” she says of her former career as a corporate attorney. In order to get back in touch with her creative side—she’s also a classically trained violinist—Kwon left her firm and enrolled in a metalsmithing course at a local art school.

After the birth of her children, Kwon said she “decided to jump” and founded her jewelry label in 2013. She began with a few key pieces, like delicate stackable gold rings and slim cuff bracelets, then eventually expanded into diamond septum rings, art deco-inspired necklaces, and one-of-a-kind creations like jewel slice rings. All of her collections are still handmade in LA, but now they’re stocked everywhere from international boutiques to sites like Shopbop. Despite the impressive growth and wide-ranging collections, Kwon’s aesthetic has remained consistent since the beginning: subtle yet eye-catching, and understatedly luxe. —Liza Darwin

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