Milicent Armstrong

Lauren Tamaki

Milicent Armstrong

Brand: Artemis Design Co.

Age: 28

Where: Boston

Category: Womenswear

As a child, Milicent Armstrong would craft makeshift shoes from leftover cardboard and fabric she found around the house. These days, she's more likely to source her textiles from far-flung locales like Northern Africa and the Middle East instead of her family’s living room.

Created in early 2013, Artemis Design Co.’s offerings range from raffia lace-up oxfords to raw silk loafers, each item handwoven and entirely unique. Over the past two years, Armstrong has branched out from footwear into bags, which include silk mini duffels splashed with ikat prints and kilim carpet weekenders, as well as home goods.

“When I find a beautiful piece of fabric, I then decide what it should be used for,” she says. “The textiles inspire the design and not the other way around. I think that's what sets my collection apart.” —Liza Darwin

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