Natasha Takemoto and Joy Wolcott

Lauren Tamaki

Natasha Takemoto and Joy Wolcott

Brand: Wolcott-Takemoto

Age: 28, 32

Where: New York

Category: Womenswear

After meeting in Seattle years ago, Joy Wolcott and Natasha Takemoto crossed paths again when they moved to the same block in Bushwick, Brooklyn. They struck up a fast friendship, and one day, while commiserating about the lack of inspiring design jobs in New York City, they decided to go out on their own.

The resulting line—which includes crinkle-cotton sack dresses, wide-leg linen jumpsuits, and bell-shaped culottes—is made right in the city. “Not only is it obviously a huge convenience for us, but we’re also able to build close relationships with the factory,” says Wolcott. “We’re there nearly every day, so we know the conditions of the work environment.” Despite the locally made pedigree and ethically sourced fabrics, price points remain affordable. Not even the buttery suede tote exceeds $300. —Casey Lewis

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