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The Cleanser That Saved My Hair From Ruin

Or what happened when I ditched sudsy shampoos.

I Sold My Clothes and Lost My Damn Mind

Navigating Depop and Poshmark turned out to be way more trouble than they were worth.

Fighting the Urge to Shop at the End of the World

In the era of Trump, consumer nihilism is an alluring (if empty) temptation.

Sephora’s Online Community and the Myth of the Beauty Secret

On the Beauty Talk forums, women trade tricks, tips, and real connections.

E-Commerce Copy Is the New Flattering Sales Associate

A website with personality is the new salesperson

The Life and Times of My Doc Martens

If only these 18-year-old boots could talk.

Confessions of a Prada Virgin

After I sold my first book, I decided to buy myself one tangible indulgence.

The Absolute Necessity of One Direction

Boy bands are a romantic bright spot in a dark time for young girls. And adult women.