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Beca is an Atlanta-based culture writer who likes trap music, tacos, and her cat named Kevin.

How a 44-Year-Old Florida Psychologist With Four Kids Shops

Spoiler: His wife handles most of it.

How a Musician Recovering After Gender Affirmation Surgery Shops

Simon, 30, spent four years saving to afford their top surgery.

How a Sex Worker With Hefty Medical Bills Shops

Alyssa, 30, is a lingerie designer whose sugar daddy helps cover expenses.

How a Dude in His Mid-30s Shops

"It’s not a hole in the crotch, exactly, but it pretty much is."

Leopard Is a Neutral, Fight Me

The once-wild print is now chill as hell.

How to Shop on Black Friday Like a True Pro

Robert, 31, learned his Black Friday tricks as a former retail worker.

How an Honest-to-God Frugal World Traveler Shops

Or, rather, doesn’t shop.

This Fall I Just Want to Dress Like Meg Ryan in ‘You’ve Got Mail’

Your favorite rom-com also features some next-level layering.

How a Retiree in Florida Shops

Lorraine, 59, almost never spends more than $10 on a given item.

My Favorite Clogs Are Danskos and I Don’t Care What You Think

So there.