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The Incredibles’ Edna Mode Is Film’s Best Fashion Character

Sorry, Miranda Priestly.

Who’s Buying Snow White Merch at Saks?

When an 80-year-old Disney film inspires dozens of clothing collabs, it raises the question: Does anyone care?

The Quiet, Enduring Charm of ‘Harry Potter’ Style

“When kids are wearing my costumes, they have a chance of becoming a part of that world.”

The Lipstick That Can Outlast the Most Over-the-Top Meals

According to a woman who eats on camera for a living.

What You Need to Buy Before Your First Big Race

The obvious stuff, plus all the things — like throwaway clothes and lube — you didn't know you'd need.

What Celebrities Wear Under Those Red Carpet Dresses

Thongs? Spanx? Nothing?

I Went to Christkindlesmarkts in Europe, and Now I Can’t Imagine the Holidays Without Them

Adventure, surprise, the best blood sausage — and shopping.

The Complete Guide to Mall of America

Everything you need to plan a trip to America’s largest mall — which is so much more than just a mall.

I Didn’t Wash My Face for 28 Years

Why I finally started taking care of my skin.

The World's Biggest Disney Store Is More Interested in Selling You an Idea Than a Toy

In Shanghai, Disney isn’t just selling Frozen DVDs