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The Bizarre eBay Instagram Account You Never Knew You Needed

@ebaybae has it all.

Dear Brands, Quit Trying to Be My Best Friend

I don’t want Free People or Capsule to love me; I just want to buy a T-shirt.

The Shopping Tool That Actually Helps You Budget

Trade in your Pinterest boards for this browser extension.

The Brands Making Great, Lowkey Underwear

The minimalism trend is coming for your bra.

Champion’s Designer Explains How a Vetements Collab Is Born

"It was the first time that we had seen the Champion logo twisted like that."

The Power of the Mid-Tier Blogger

When you're not a nobody, but you're not Man Repeller.

Online Browsing Is the New Impulse Buy

Do you spend weeks researching the purchase of a single item? You're not alone.

Former Vogue Editors Launch La Ligne, a Clothing Collection Based on Stripes

Actress Dianna Agron is an investor in the brand, which has already raised $2 million and won Anna Wintour’s support.