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Size, by the Numbers

How much it costs to make plus clothing, the measurements of the average American woman, and more.

PopSugar Stole Influencers’ Instagrams — Along With Their Profits

The lifestyle website stripped bloggers’ affiliate links from their posts and added the site’s own.

Meet the Glam Squads Behind the Olympic Games

24-hour days, hundreds of haircuts, and a whole lot of lip balm.

Bury Me in This Perfect Fabric

This trademarked material is the secret to the softest T-shirts.

How Laundry Gets Done at the Olympics

The sweaty, smelly business of keeping clothes clean at the games.

Chinese Designers Make a Bid for the US at NYFW

The inaugural China Day showcased new and established brands that you probably haven’t heard of (yet).

Why Are There So Many Bra Ads on Instagram, Anyway?

We looked into why women are inundated with them — and why we can’t opt out.

Thinx Has a New CEO and, Finally, an HR Department

Checking in with the period-underwear startup in the post-She-E-O era.

Your Amazon Order Could Get You in Trouble With Customs

The unexpected consequences of accidentally buying a counterfeit.

A Dispatch From Ivanka Trump’s New Store

What it lacks in square footage, it makes up for in potential ethics violations.