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Jascmeen is a twenty-something fashion writer living in Los Angeles and complaining about Los Angeles. You can find her overanalyzing sneaker releases and pining over minimalist fashion on her blog.

My Instagram Bra and Me

A story of love, loss, and medical-grade adhesive.

Millennial Woman Buys Beauty Product Relying Solely on Her Own Judgement, Lives

Sound the alarm: I bought something that wasn’t an #ad or #spon promoted.

Actually, No, Khloe Kardashian’s Jeans Aren’t All Hype

I like to imagine that several mad scientists with big butts made these in a lab somewhere.

This Company Is Trying to Keep the Trust of Natural Hair Customers

Sundial, the company behind brands like Shea Moisture and Madam CJ Walker, is trying to make the so-called "ethnic" hair aisle obsolete.

'Black Don't Crack' Isn't a Skincare Regimen

Relying on an age-old adage does nothing to appease my troubled skin.

I’m Breaking Up With the Ethnic Hair Care Aisle

It's not me. It's you.

I Wore an Afro Wig to Fashion Week, and Now I Feel Like a Fraud

I never expected to become a street style star by faking natural hair.