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There Is Vomit on My Black Jacket

And I would like for there to not be.

You Can Use Vodka to Clean Your Bedazzled Costumes

This is the most glamorous cleaning advice you’ll ever read.

How to Get Indigo Dye Out of Anything

As much as one possibly can.

Speaking Truth to Big Dry Cleaning About Your Smelly Sweaters

'Dry clean only' is fake news.

I Just Got an Indigo T-Shirt and I'm Afraid

You’re right to be scared of indigo dye.

You Don’t Need a Special Detergent to Care for Your Bra

But it can be nice to have one!

Make Hand-Washing Your Clothes Less of a Chore

Think of this as Hand Washing 202.

How to Get Dark Denim Dye Off of Your Fingernails

A million (rough count) ways to whiten your nails from whatever caused them to get all discolored.

You've Cleaned Out Your Closet — Now Where Should All That Unwanted Stuff Go?

How to sell, donate, or junk your old stuff.

How to Care for Your Pussyhat

So you can preserve it for generations to come.