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Executive Editor, Racked

Racked’s Very Best Longform of 2017

Read all of this year’s biggest, buzziest features.

Don't Worry, Teens Still Go to the Mall

According to some teens I met.

The Stick Concealer That Covers All Your Spots

And doesn’t cost a billion dollars.

American Eagle Is Luring Teens With Fancy Drinks

Come for the small-batch craft soda, stay for the high-rise skinny jeans.

Ivanka Trump’s Brand Responds to Nordstrom

Read the full statement.

The Hoop Earrings That Aren’t

For when you’ve outgrown the loud jewelry of years past.

Racked’s Very Best Longform of 2016

From Supreme to Ralph Lauren, China to Cuba.

The $1 Korean Skincare Pouches That Will Save Your Skin This Winter

Of course hyaluronic acid is involved.

Inside the Weird, Wacky World of Competitive Hairdressing

Reporting live from the Olympics of hair.

This Justin Bieber Tapestry Is the Best Piece of Concert Merch

Or is it a blanket?