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The Jewelry Queen of Texas

Kendra Scott has built an accessories empire that sorority girls love, but can she win over the rest of the world?

The Big, Weird Business of Prom

Inside the complex world of bedazzled dresses.

Teva’s Quest for the Ugly Shoe Throne

From river guide essential to fashion world favorite.

David's Bridal Doesn't Want to Be the Walmart of Weddings Anymore

How the country's biggest wedding retailer plans to win over the Pinterest bride.

Nasty Gal's Uncertain Future: Does It Have What It Takes to Stay on Top?

Decoding what the company's latest round of funding really means.

Gambling on Nostalgia: JNCO's Larger-Than-Life Return

Wide-leg jeans are back, and the '90s relic wants to cash in on the renaissance.

How Downtown Cool Hunters Hijacked Fashion Week

The story of Made Fashion Week, as told by the founders themselves.

Sweatworking: How Business Deals Are Getting Done at the Gym

"It cuts through the stiffness of doing professional business when you're both covered in sweat."

C. Wonder Failed Because of Chris Burch's Anger

It's easy to look back now and see that it was doomed.

How Your Favorite Stores Get Their CEOs

In the past year alone, we've seen dozens of high-profile CEO hirings and firings, retirements, and promotions.