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Malls Are Dying, but Things Remembered Is Still Hanging On

Personalization keeps the store alive, even in the age of Etsy.

The Best Rewards Programs Give You More Than Points

What brands get when they celebrate your loyalty.

Consignment Startups Win by Breaking the Rules of Retail

What The RealReal and ThredUp are doing hints at the future of consignment.

The Perennially Difficult Paradox of Accessible Luxury

Brands like Michael Kors and Coach have long ridden a delicate line — is it sustainable?

We Might Be On the Verge of a Mannequin Revolution

If most store mannequins were people, they’d be dangerously underweight. But is that about to change?

Why Urban Outfitters’ Boys’ Club Is a Problem

The popular retailer’s board is nearly all older, white, and male — and shareholders aren’t happy.