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How to Cut Your Own Hair

Before you attempt the big chop, read this.

Your Shimmeriest, Glitteriest Holiday Beauty Looks

Shine like the diamond you are.

Death of the Red Carpet Spray Tan

More and more stars are showing up to award shows a little less orange.

I Tried Everything on Kylie Jenner's Instagram

All praise King Kylie.

Summer Beauty Essentials for Your Non-Beach Vacation

How to look your best in the mountains, on a road trip, and in the city.

The Be-All, End-All Guide to Dyeing Your Hair At Home

Less muss, less fuss.

The Everything Guide to Sunscreen

Spring's Two Wildest Beauty Collaborations, Reviewed

Between MAC x Mia Moretti and Nars x Christopher Kane, all your festival needs are fully covered.

The Beginner's Guide to Eyelash Extensions

I've always wanted lash extensions. I have naturally long, full, fluttery eyelashes, but I also have no self-control. Why not take something good and make it even better?

These Polishes All Promise to Last Forever. Which Ones Actually Deliver?