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Hillary Clinton

Even at a Presidential Rally, Katy Perry Can't Stop Appropriating

The singer performed at Hillary Clinton's rally in Iowa wearing a turban.

SNL Cast Hillary Clinton as the Least Believable Bartender Ever

Hillary's impression game is pretty strong.

Additional Hillary Clinton Merchandise for Millennials

Clinton's team will have shill to the millennials a little harder if she wants to keep up with extremely hip Wu Tang-loving presidential hopeful Marco Rubio.

Why Hillary Clinton Wants To Sell You a Flash Tattoo

And Rand Paul wants to sell you a broken hard drive.

Help Hillary Clinton Pick a Pantsuit in Her First Instagram Post

"Hard choices."

Ellen Put Hillary Clinton in Yoga Pants

Hillary pants.

It's Not Sexist to Talk About Hillary Clinton's Clothing

From "Hatless Jack" Kennedy to Clinton's pantsuits, politicians dress to send a message.

An Exhaustive Timeline of Hillary Clinton's Power Suits

From 26-year-old lawyer to First Lady to 2016 presidential candidate.