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History Of

How School Uniforms Became Sexy

Those plaid skirts didn’t last long before they were given an edgy twist by ‘Playboy,’ punk, and grunge.

Why Are Fishnet Stockings Seen as Sexy?

There are actually a slew of reasons, according to ‘History Of.’

A Figure Skater’s Dress Contains Clues About Her Performance

‘History Of’ hits the ice.

The History of Piercing Is Built on Some Fascinating Fibs

Not all of historical body piercing stories are true.

The Dark History Behind Your Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Before February 14th was about shopping, it was about animal sacrifice and whipping.

Who Is Stan Smith, Actually?

We all know the Adidas sneakers — but who is Stan Smith, the man?

How Does a Bag Become an It Bag?

The history of iconic designer purses, from Chanel to Celine.

History of the French Girl Obsession

Why we’re always looking to French girls for advice on how to do literally anything.

Fanny Packs Have Been Around for 5,000 Years

And more unexpected facts about the much-maligned accessory from ‘History Of.’

How One Woman Reinvented the Slogan Tee

T-shirts weren’t always a place for politics, according to ‘History Of.’

Wearing Stripes Could Get You Killed in Medieval Europe

‘History Of’ explores the peculiar backstory of the ubiquitous clothing pattern.

Sports Bras Were Originally Just Two Jockstraps Sewn Together

And other somewhat disheartening pieces of sports bra history in ‘History Of.’

The History of Nail Polish Stretches Back 5,000 Years

‘History Of’ traces the origin of the manicure.

How the Little Black Dress Became Sexy

‘History Of’ traces the journey of the LBD, from Scarlett O’Hara to Princess Di.

Flower Crowns Were Originally Too Sexy for Christianity

The history of the flower crown goes way beyond Coachella.

Before There Were Bras, There Were ‘Breastbags’

‘History Of’ tackles the long, fraught journey of the modern bra.

How Scrunchies Became Cool Again

‘History Of’ traces the journey of the controversial hair accessory.

Hair Dye Has Always Been a Little Dangerous

‘History Of’ explores the long, steady rise of hair coloring.

The History of the Ugly Christmas Sweater

Turns out millennials didn’t invent them.