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How Do You Shop?

How a 44-Year-Old Florida Psychologist With Four Kids Shops

Spoiler: His wife handles most of it.

How a Musician Recovering After Gender Affirmation Surgery Shops

Simon, 30, spent four years saving to afford their top surgery.

How a Tattooed Flight Attendant Shops

Kelly, 30, has learned to balance her personal style with her airline’s uniform (not to mention her insane travel schedule).

How a Local TV Anchor Shops in the Era of Fake News

Ashley, 28, straightens her natural hair largely to court the trust of her mostly white audience.

How a Sex Worker With Hefty Medical Bills Shops

Alyssa, 30, is a lingerie designer whose sugar daddy helps cover expenses.

How an Amateur Bitcoin Trader Shops

Toye, 28, has drastically changed her relationship to money since getting into cryptocurrency.

How a Dude in His Mid-30s Shops

"It’s not a hole in the crotch, exactly, but it pretty much is."

How to Shop for Hard-to-Buy-For People

Haley, 27, is on the hunt for 32I bras for herself and gifts for her family that won’t get returned.

How a Recent Grad Working in the Film Industry Shops

And how she dresses on often male-dominated sets.

How to Shop on Black Friday Like a True Pro

Robert, 31, learned his Black Friday tricks as a former retail worker.

5 Ways to Save Money While Shopping

All of which we’ve learned from our ongoing How Do You Shop? series.

How to Save Money When You’re a Self-Employed Mother of 5

According to Janine, a small business co-owner living in Tennessee.

How an Honest-to-God Frugal World Traveler Shops

Or, rather, doesn’t shop.

How an Actual Teen Shops

"Things that used to embarrass me don’t anymore."

How a Pakistani Food Blogger Living in Mexico Shops

Maryam maintains a seasonal capsule wardrobe of only 37 pieces (including shoes!).

How a Sales Rep Making $140,000 a Year Shops

Meghan, 38, lives in Milwaukee and absolutely loves shopping for clothes.

How a Retiree in Florida Shops

Lorraine, 59, almost never spends more than $10 on a given item.

How a Young Architect Living in San Francisco Shops

Wendy, 27, actually managed to find reasonable rent in the notoriously expensive city.

How a Seller of Plus-Size Vintage Clothes Shops for Herself

Naomi, 38, caters specifically to women’s clothing size L and up.

How a Motorcyclist-Slash-Nurse Shops

Steph, 26, juggles school, work, and taking care of her two sons while still making time to be a total badass.

How a Single Mom Paying for Childcare Shops

Kelsey, 31, has dealt with major credit card debt and enlisted in the Army, all while caring for her kids.

This 25-Year-Old Has a Smart and (Relatively) Simple Budgeting System

Dana uses five bank accounts to keep track of her $58,000-per-year salary, but it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds.

How a Freelancer Making $20K a Year Shops

Kate Killet, a photographer in Toronto, barters with the brands she works with and is a serious fan of thrifting.

How a Woman Who Paid Down Her $20,000 Debt Shops

Carly, 38, lives in Chicago and works at a financial literacy nonprofit.

How a Teacher Working a Bunch of Gigs Shops

"I’m spending $225 on rent. I should have a smile on my face because I feel so blessed."

How an Entrepreneur-Turned-Pole Dancing Instructor Shops

Colleen, 35, co-owns a graphic design company in addition to running an annual pole dancing conference.

How a Couple With Very Different Salaries Shops

Bee, 31, and Jeff, 30, have to work around space constraints in their small Brooklyn apartment.

How a 24-Year-Old Graphic Designer in Philly Shops

Sarah has never had a credit card or a savings account, and she lives with five roommates.

How a Real Estate Agent From Atlanta Shops

Sherry, 49, spends a lot of money on her size 30G bras.