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Ivanka Trump, the Store, Is Open for Business

It’s inside Trump Tower.

Steve Madden Is Busy as Heck

With a Cardi B collab and an unrelated legal complaint from Allbirds.

Where Can I Find a Not-Horrible Present for a Not-Horrible Man?

Start here.

The Brands Selling Makeup for Grown-ups

Meet the new Bobbi Browns.

Sorry, Some Shoes Just Shouldn’t Have Heels

Would you wear these fancy new Ugg boots?

Why Your Black Friday Orders Haven’t Arrived Yet

UPS hired 95,000 extra workers this season — and still your stuff is delayed.

Patagonia vs. Trump

The outdoor industry continues to fight for federally protected lands.

I’ve Given Up On Finding a Natural Deodorant That Works for Me

Basic Dove forever.