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This Startup Will Make You Shampoo That Literally No One Else Has

Function of Beauty creates highly customized haircare products.

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Function of Beauty is a haircare company aiming to give you exactly what you want.

“Every single person is unique and different,” says Zahir Dossa, founder and CEO of the beauty startup. Function of Beauty, which started back in 2015, creates shampoos and conditioners that are totally personalized for each customer based on answers to a “Hair Profile.”

“We can make 14 billion combinations,” says Dossa, based on how a customer fills in his or her quiz. You choose between four hair types, three hair “structures,” and three moisture levels. Then you select five “hair goals,” and then choose between five fragrances, three fragrance strengths, and six colors. Oh, and you can do shampoo or conditioner, hence the 14 billion potential products.

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