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This Plus-Size Costume Designer Is Redefining Cosplay

‘Dress the Part’ meets Cin’ Von Quinzel.

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In theory, cosplay is about embracing all different characters and looks. But women with curvier bodies often find themselves on the outskirts.

“I couldn’t find everything I wanted, so I had to start making it myself,” says Cintia Castro, who goes by Cin’ Von Quinzel. As a plus-size cosplay enthusiast, many costumes didn’t come in her size, and when she tried to find costume patterns to make them herself, they often didn’t include instruction for bigger sizes.

It pushed her to become a self-taught designer, making creative costumes that have earned her a following that includes many other plus-size women and women of color.

“It’s about taking back the power and giving it to the women,” she says, “which I think is super awesome — when you have the choice of what you feel is sexy.”

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