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This Lingerie Store Is Full of Vintage Bustiers

‘Just Browsing’ visits Le Grand Strip.

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“It’s like always looking for the holy grail,” says CC McGurr, whose holy grail is vintage lingerie. McGurr owns Le Grand Strip, a Brooklyn vintage shop that carries a lot of old-school lingerie — think G-strings, slips, and bustiers from as early as the 1920s.

“Those pieces were really engineered and made to last,” says McGurr. But she’s also fully in tune with today’s young female shoppers. In fact, she has a message for them:

“Please, do not take a photo and send it to your grandmother, your mother, your best friend, your sister. Be assertive. Look at yourself in the mirror... and make a decision on your own, like a big girl. Validate yourself first and stop asking for permission.

In life, you give yourself permission.”

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