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The History of Piercing Is Built on Some Fascinating Fibs

Not all of historical body piercing stories are true.

I Dressed Like a Real Housewife of New York for a Week

And I became an utter monster.

The Dark History Behind Your Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Before February 14th was about shopping, it was about animal sacrifice and whipping.

Who Is Stan Smith, Actually?

We all know the Adidas sneakers — but who is Stan Smith, the man?

Would You Buy Perfume Without Knowing What It Is?

At Perfumariē, you shop for fragrance with a blind smell test.

This NYC Graffiti Artist Turned Her Signature Mark Into a Destination Store

‘Just Browsing’ visits Claw Money on the Lower East Side.

This Jazz Singer Is Bringing Vintage Style to Life in Harlem

Dandy Wellington embraces fashion from the ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s — and confronts modern stereotypes.

This Woman Wears Vintage Literally Every Day

Colleen Darnell is a walking, talking ’20s flapper IRL.